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EveryRoadTaken is a different type of blog for the motoring enthusiast. Where the majority of motoring blogs stop, we want to begin.

Blogs like Autoblog, Jalopnik, and Ride Lust cover automobile culture and news in an unrivaled capacity. Yet, at best, they offer a few unique places, monthly, to enjoy that passion.

The ultimate motoring resource is at our finger tips. We pay for it every day when we fill our tanks and pay our taxes. We utilize it every day on the way to our jobs or back to our families. The Road. The Road is one of our greatest public resources. From the back roads of the North East built on old cart paths to the rolling interstates of the South and Mid West to the canyon and cliff runs of the West coast we have one of the most diverse road systems in the world.

We seek to explore that road system and bring it to you so you can enjoy it vicariously or venture out.

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  1. Jordan "Copeland" permalink
    October 7, 2009 12:13 pm

    Nice, look forward to it. What are you driving?

    • Paul permalink*
      October 7, 2009 8:40 am

      Thanks for checking us out Jordan!

      The car will be featured in the next day or two but for this trip we decided on an RSX-S. Based on the diversity of the road we are traveling we decided that handling aspects of the RSX-S were far more important than the added horsepower of a tuned Volvo S60 T-5.

      In the future, depending on the road, we will likely have a chase car set up where we are running multiple vehicles.

  2. October 16, 2009 4:56 pm

    Let’s do some off-roading. 🙂

    I know you know a guy who has a lifted 97 Tahoe 4X4 that might do the trick…haha. JK. I like the idea.


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