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Four Reasons why GPS is the Worst Thing to ever happen to Motoring.

February 11, 2010

I must admit that I love gadgets, especially gadgets that are technology and car related. The current preeminent car/tech gadget is obviously the portable GPS. Though they are nothing new (and their existence seems limited by the increase of in-dash systems), the past six months have been a boon to their adoption. Ever dropping prices means you can get a system for under $100 and it also means that more and more features and bigger and bigger screens are being offered at the traditional price points (a five inch screen can be had for less than $200).

So what do I have against inexpensive technology that seemingly helps people enjoy their cars more? Everything.

Read more to find out the four reasons why GPS is the worst thing to ever happen to motoring.

1) Your GPS makes you lazy.

There is some debate to be had here: were you already lazy, or are you just lazy now? Frankly, I don’t care. Back in the “old days” people had to drag out large pieces of paper that had drawings of roads on them. They were called “maps” and they helped people get from place to place. In more recent history people had to use the internet to figure out how to get to from place to place. Like this. Two very different methods both of which are quick and effective. Apparently not enough for some of you.

2) GPS makes you dumb.

This is an extension of the first one. By taking out the pre-planning you are letting your GPS hold your hand like a doting grandmother. Sounds great, right? I mean grandmothers are awesome. No, its not that great. When you have no idea where you are going and seemingly out of nowhere you hear “TURN RIGHT IN .6 MILES” your natural reaction is to slam on your brakes and jerk the wheel across all 3 lanes of traffic. Obviously this is less than safe, and pretty stupid.

3) GPS will make you kill others.

This one gets me going more than anything else. An informal survey recently indicated 100% of GPS drivers put their device directly in their line of site. When asked about why they do this, the most common answer was “the cartoon car is much cooler than the rea…” it always stopped there as that is the farthest any of them got before they collided with the tractor trailer in front of them. A common way of mounting them is like this: 

Doesn’t look that dangerous right? The problem is it blocks everything behind it. Through the magic of the internet we show you what was there: 

Thats right, those cute little kids with their new puppy… and YOU killed them.

GPS In Action

4) GPS will kill you.

This is self explanatory. This guy was fine until he looked down to see where to turn next.

GPS even tried to kill Michael Scott, a national treasure. Why would it let you off?

The Office – Michael Trusts the GPS Too

The bottom line is that the benefits of GPS far out weigh the negatives. Print out a map, know where you are going, and have it to use if you get lost but don’t use it as a crutch.

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  1. Will permalink*
    February 11, 2010 4:11 pm

    The nice thing about utilizing a map BEFORE you go somewhere is that you have some idea of the roads between you and your destination. Anyone ever go to a new restaurant and wandered around looking for the bathroom? Well, that’s what happens when you rely on GPS alone and you lose the signal. Doh! Instead, you ask the waiter where the bathroom is. Yes, I just analogized a waiter to a map.

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