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Will’s Song of the Week – 2.9.10

February 9, 2010

Howdy everyone.  I assure you, Paul and I will post up some coverage of the Philly Car Show, although we didn’t get to spend quite as much time there as we would have liked.  Mother Nature really messed up our carefully laid plans.  We will put some posts up soon, however, especially since I will have no excuse tomorrow as Mother Nature gives me a day off from work!  I guess I forgive her…

We have also been occupied with another issue, which we will announce soon.  Anywho, I figured I would put up a song post, and not just any song post.  This song is a little known gem that is another song written for all us driving enthusiasts.

Drive-by Truckers – Daddy’s Cup

As you may have noticed, Paul and I are unabashed fans of the Drive-By Truckers, and we think you should be too.  Badass southern rock plus exceptional songwriting?  Sign me up!  I wish I could find a better video of this song to share with you, but this was the cream of the youtube crop.  This song is a little known gem that, like my previous song of the week, is quite literally about driving.  Whereas the Rush song I posted previously was all about the open road and a fantastic car, this song is about formal racing plus the idea of giving it your all in life no matter what.  This is a great song to blast through your car (or home) speakers to really get the driving bug juicing through your veins.

Stay tuned as we *eventually* deliver the promised coverage of the Philadelphia Auto Show, plus our special announcement!

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