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The Woz and the Art of Toyota Repair

February 2, 2010

The Woz
The theory that there is something wrong with certain Toyota models beyond a pedal issue is intriguing, yet hard to conceptualize and based on nothing but circumstantial evidence and some mild assumptions.  Some of the evidence that Toyota has yet to truly (publicly) identify the cause of the issue is that a number of models with known unintended and uncontrollable acceleration issues have been left out of the recall (including the Lexus ES350).  Suddenly, this theory has a brand new supporter, and one that knows a little about what may be at the heart of the issue.

Meet Steve Wozniak.

Read on to find out about Wozniak’s findings as well as breaking information on the Federal Investigation into Toyota.
Some of you may know the name but, for those of you that do not, Steve Wozniak is one of the co-founders of Apple Computers.  To put it mildly, he knows a little about computers.

According to Wozniak he has been able to identify a condition in which the cruise control on multiple Prius models of multiple generations fails to respond and results in the car accelerating uncontrollably.  Wozniak also claims to be able to recreate this at will.  Obviously, we would like to see him invite an auto-journalist along for what will surely be a hair raising, but enlightening ride.

If his claims are correct, solving a computer problem may be much easier than previously thought as one of the greatest tech minds of our time may have already identified the issue.

Also breaking as we speak: It seems that Wozniak and yours truly (among many other auto enthusiasts) may be on to something in regards to this being beyond the pedal issue.  CNNMoney is reporting that the Federal Government is probing the electronic systems in Toyota vehicles. Quoting the article

The official says the safety agency is looking at the possibility that electromagnetic interference might somehow be causing Toyota’s electronic throttle control systems to malfunction, though NHTSA has not seen evidence to support that yet.

Interesting – I know we have some more technical readers, hopefully you can chime in, in the comments below,  to describe how this is possible.

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  1. Will permalink*
    February 3, 2010 7:26 pm

    Thus begins the birth of the iCar…

    Touch screen steering for all!

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