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Will’s Song of the Week: 1-26-10

January 27, 2010

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my promised rant from my previous SOTW.  That bad boy is sitting in my drafts right now, just needs another solid read-through to make sure my vitriol is at full potency.

So as a stopgap, I present you with another song to drive to that may not be on many people’s radar.

I have only my itunes to thank for this one.  Specifically the shuffle feature.  Tonight whilst doing some work (sometimes it is much easier to complete paperwork at home than while actually at work) my itunes decided to entertain me with copious amounts of one particular band.

Rush is one of those love em or hate em bands.  I imagine that maybe, just maybe, the division has something to do with Geddy Lee’s voice.  Just a hunch.  However, the talent is undeniable.  All of these guys are among the absolute top in prowess with their chosen instrument.  And here they are with a song that absolutely epitomizes everything Paul and I try to express about the driving experience on this site (even more poignant with the short interview intro in this video!).  Enjoy the virtuoso instrumental performance, the almost laid-back but not really tempo, and of course the driving-centric lyrics.

P.S.  This also doesn’t appear to be targetting Paul in our on-going song battle, but it is.  I challenge him to post up a song that better addresses our love of the road and driving than this one.  I DOUBLE DOG DARE HIM.


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