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What is This Blog About? Every Road Taken up til now…

January 27, 2010

Evening everyone.  What with the incredible surge in traffic we’ve experienced since Paul posted his articles about the Toyota sales halt (and his subsequent theories) we thought it appropriate to elaborate on who we are and why we’ve made this blog.  Believe it or not automotive news coverage was not initially on our radar, and although we shortly added it to the site we’d still prefer to focus on bringing you articles, stories, reviews, etc that follow our vision.  What am I rambling about?  Well, you can always click on our “about” page to get an idea.  Follow me after the jump for some highlights from our so far short history, and a bit more explanation of what we’re all about.

Paul and I decided to start this blog, as you’ve read in the “about” section, to look at the automotive world with a focus on the road itself.  Does that mean the actual pavement?  Well, not exactly although we have and will critique actual roads and their design at times.  Instead, we’re interested in the road as a concept.  The way we figure it, there are a lot of average everyday people out there who enjoy, or even love, to drive.  Just as we do.  If you’re a person who goes for a drive to release stress, or just because it’s a nice day, then you probably know what I mean.  So without further ado, here are some of the things we’ve done, and hopefully you’ll be able to see where we’d like to take this thing (besides just talking about an historical sales halt).

Our first big project was the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  We wanted to tackle this road from a driver’s perspective, and document while we do.  Part of this was to literally videotape our cruise out to Pittsburgh and back here.  The video is a bit rough at times, but we think it is a damn cool little clip nonetheless, and as we undertake more long drives (unfortunately not until the weather warms) our technique will improve.  That wasn’t the only video we captured on the trip, however.  Here is another sort of video, almost a music video homage to the trip.  Again, the more we do of these, the better I expect we’ll get at our videos.  And of course, I also waxed poetical (har!) about the drive in an editorial post and Paul gave a more technical review with a bit of history starting here.  We also had some regular cameras with us, and posted up our best pictures here and in my editorial post.

Since that drive we have done a similar group of posts on another PA road; keeping it local while winter crept up on us.  Here is the review, the video, and the pictorial.

Another regular feature is for Paul and I to post of Songs of the Week.  Through the holidays it was more like Songs of the…er…lunar cycle?  They can all be found by checking out the categories on the right of the screen.  (I’ll give you a hint.  Music of the Road.)  We try to post up songs that will really shine when blasting from you car, and hopefully songs that some folks have not heard before.

The other categories are News of the Road, in which we have had some news coverage.  Gear for the Road is where we may discuss some interesting toys, gadgets, etc that we think can enhance the driving experience.  Finally, Stretches of Road is a column we started just before we vanished for the holidays in which we will discuss some drives that we haven’t actually performed a full scale excursion on.  Hey, we gotta be practical.  After all, “Average Guys; Enthusiasts”.  We aren’t going to be able to travel around the country all the time to drive.  Unless YOU start donating now!  For 5 easy payments of 29.99 we can buy enough gas to make it halfway to California!

I kid, I kid.  Hopefully some of you folks who are checking out Paul’s articles on the Toyota situation have taken a little time to check the rest of the blog out.  We think it’s pretty cool (obviously) and hope you do to!

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