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Welcome to the Winter

January 4, 2010

The other week’s post about driving in the winter was largely written before the immense snow storm that trounced the East Coast this a few weeks ago.  That weekend’s storm was a perfect example of what I was getting at.

Only the most adventurous (or stupid) of us would venture out into a blizzard for entertainment, but even trudging along trying to get to the airport for a flight that would eventually be canceled can prove to be a moment to enjoy the road.  You are not flying around curves or accelerating along a straight away, instead you are sliding around turns and creeping up hills.  The enjoyable part may not be the drive itself (ok, if you are reading this post, you probably DO enjoy that type of drive) but rather the isolation one gets while on the road.

The isolation that one encounters on the road in a snow storm is unparalleled.  Even at 4 am on an August weekend you are more likely to run into traffic than you are during a large storm.  It is that isolation that man of us seek.  Unfortunately that isolation comes at the cost of being able to truly enjoy the road, the snow obscures the greatness of the road.

What it does allow is the experience of isolate driving.  This is fully different from true enjoyment of the road.  Skills are tested, nerves of steel show strain, and it is damn fun.

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