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A Different Point of View – 11/15/2009

November 15, 2009

ERT didn’t have a drive planned today, but a sunny and 70 degree day in Mid-November can’t be passed up.  Unfortunately, with Will being on the other side of the Greater Philadelphia area, these last-minute drives are difficult to do as a duo.  Luckily, with minimal nagging, I was able to convince my fiance to come along for a ride.

This brought an interesting aspect to the drive that rides with two car guys can easily miss.  So what is that, and why should you make a conscious effort to bring a non-car person along (or if you are a non-car person why should you go)?

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Typically, when Will and I are out for a drive much of our discussion is about the road itself.  We discuss the construction, the layout, and its relationship with the surroundings.   One of the things we miss out on is the surroundings themselves.

Having a non-car person along helps to expand the horizons of the driver.  So much is missed at sixty miles an hour that having an extra pair of eyes that is looking out for things like architecture brings another element to the entire experience.

The visceral nature of the drive, smelling fall in the wind, hearing the turbo spool, feeling your tires react to the pavement, it is all still there and it is melded with observations that those of us focused on the vehicle and the road would generally miss.

Today some ground was covered that we have seen before, including River Road, but there was some adventuring out onto roads not taken. It was an a-typical drive on an a-typical November day, but sometimes the thing you need to ground you, is the opposite of what is normally experienced.

The road surface was dry, the air was warm enough for the windows to be down and the sunroof to be open, there was the perfect amount of humidity for the intercooler to perform at maximum efficiency and yet I found that we ended up slowing down much more than normal.  That said, it was worthwhile.  It allowed that enjoyment of the surrounds that I mentioned earlier.  It wasn’t an aggressive drive, but it wasn’t a “Sunday Drive” either.  It was balanced, and it was excellent.

In the next few days I will upload pictures taken by my fiance and you will see how this drive took on a personality different from most.

In the end, get out there with a person that has a different view of the world and of the road, or go for a ride even if you never had before.

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