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Will’s Song(s) of the Week – 10/31/09

October 31, 2009

Live Loud or DieHappy Halloween!  I will be offering up a couple song selections today.  The first is to (hopefully) undercut Paul again, having stolen his planned song for this week.  However, this means going with another probably very well known song.  I think that part of the point of this column should be to introduce some music that may be a bit more obscure, especially since my musical tastes often lean towards the underground.

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Last week we both offered up some good solid rock.  The Drive By Truckers are a band everyone should know, but I’m afraid many probably don’t.  Tom Petty…well…he’s Tom Petty.  So this week I thought to branch out genre-wise.

The first track, which I am hoping was going to be Paul’s choice, is just one of the best hip hop songs there is, besides being a great song to blast as you cruise.

Talib Kweli – Get By                       

This one’ll get you both ways.  The beat is fantastic.  Nina Simone’s Sinnerman has such a great and memorable piano riff, most people have probably heard it before even if you aren’t into jazz or hip hop.  If it sounds familiar but you have no idea who Talib or Nina are, Sinnerman was used to great effect in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.  Talib’s lyrics are also fantastic.  This is a positive, hopeful song.  While you may not be able to directly relate to some of the inner city hustle/struggle he is literally alluding to, everyone can relate to the struggle of life.  Kweli deftly illustrates that struggle, and then offers a positive message in the chorus for all of us that are caught up in it.

This morning, I woke up
Feeling brand new I jumped up
Feeling my highs, and my lows
In my soul, and my goals
Just to stop smokin, and stop drinkin
But I’ve been thinkin – I’ve got my reasons
Just to get by, Just to get by

So that is song number 1 for this week.  The next one is in honor of Halloween and, I admit, not extremely underground.

Metallica – The Call of Ktulu (from the S&M album)                        

Everyone probably has heard of Metallica, but perhaps many people are unaware or forgot about this legendary concert album.  The title of this song is taken directly from the great horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft.  Lovecraft wrote, in antiquated english, fiction that came from nightmares that tormented him throughout his life.  Think about the worst nightmare you’ve ever had, and then have that dream every night.  His writing is not for everyone, but he led the way for pretty much all current horror fiction, most notably Stephen King.  The song itself…well, take Metallica and add a full freakin orchestra behind them and arrange it all by a famous film score composer.  It is strictly instrumental, and in fact won a grammy in that category.  It is long at 9 minutes 34 seconds, but it is unrelenting, epic, and sounds like a musical horror story.  This one is good for a long drive in a mix coupled with other cinematic/epic/intense songs.

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