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Driving Essentials – 10/28/09

October 28, 2009

Driving Essentials is a semi-regular section where we profile a piece of gear we are interested in or have used with success.  We don’t get anything in return from anyone so this is 100% purely our opinion without any outside influence.  If you have stuff you like, make sure to tell us about it!

It happens to the best of us, we jump in the car for a “quick drive” and end up back at home two days later with leaves in our hair and no recollection of where we were, other than it being an amazing drive.

This is where SatSports comes into play.

SatSports is a tracking program that, using some sort of super future black magic (GPS), tracks your route and all possible associated variables.  From speed to altitude to course to time and distance, everything that could be relevant is tracked.

By simply hooking up your Windows Mobile or Android phone to your PC, you can then download all your statistics into an easy to read format.  On top of that, your route shows up in an integrated Google Maps window and can be exported to Google Earth.  Then (in a way that I have yet to figure out) you have the ability to get a bird’s eye fly over of the route you took.

Though it is not directly designed for motor sports, it seems to do the job very well.  Additionally the skiing, golf, running, walking, and cycling modes may be of use to many of you.

At $8 for the Windows Mobile version (and probably about the same for the Android version) it really cannot be beat ( there is also a portable GPS unit sold by SatSport that has the same functionality).  If you have the ability to grab it, it’s a must have.

Check it out at:

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