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River Road – A Perfect Day

October 27, 2009

AvEvening everyone.  It is Tuesday night, and it has been rainy and gloomy all day.  What better way to combat the elements than to open up a beer (Weyerbacher Harvest Ale, for anyone who is interested) and lose myself in the memory of this past Sunday.  As Paul promised we took another drive, much shorter and closer to home this time.

The story and pictures after the jump

The stage was set while I was at work Sunday morning.  Even at 730 am on a Sunday, pulling into work, I could tell that it would be a beautiful day.  Paul and I traded text messages back and forth about the possibility of a drive.  I was exhausted, having woken up at 630 after going to bed after midnight, after barely being awake at a halloween party, after moving my sister and brother-in-law for 10 hours all day…after only getting 6 hours of sleep Friday night.  Needless to say I kind of wanted to just head home to the couch.  As my workday progressed, this notion was replaced a yearning to experience that which I was looking at through the window.  So at 2 when my shift ended, I headed straight to Paul’s place and we hit the Road.

I’ll leave the account of the road itself to Paul, but as wingman on this drive I was in charge of photography/video.  The rest of this post is going to be the best of the still shots, with a few captions.  For the most part though, the pictures really speak for themselves, and they tell a story of a beautiful fall drive.

There is a caption for the next photo.  As we passed this parking lot I turned to Paul and said, in my best Count voice, “1, 2, 3, 4!  4 BMW’s!  We must be in Buck’s County ah ah ah!”

I love camera tricks:

Little known fact about me:

Somehow, while driving, I almost always know when water is nearby.  This one is obvious, but I assure you it is a skill that I have tested:

River Road is peppered with small outcroppings of human life, often slowing the drive down to a crawl.  Somehow this doesn’t get too exacerbating on a day like Sunday was:

You can see coming up one of the reasons that driving enthusiasts trek to River Road.  Curves like this are peppered on the road even more so than the slow residential areas:

For quite a while we were trailing what may be a perfect car for River Road:

This marks a departure from River Road, this photo and those that follow are from the cruise back to Paul’s place:

Ladies and gentlemen, our Driver!

And finally, we had one last treat before the end of the drive.  Literally a couple miles from home!

I hope these pictures conveyed even a fraction of what a great drive we had.  More on River Road in the coming days!

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  1. Rob permalink
    November 2, 2009 8:14 pm

    Just recently drove this road from end to end. Got my new clutch put in my WRX STi in Easton and took river road all the way back to I95. Incredible road and scenery. Road was also very desolate for being a Friday during rush hours..easily able to exceed the speed limit on the top and bottom halves of this road. Girlfriends dad and I love taking the motorcycles down this road also!


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