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Will’s Song of the Week

October 24, 2009

Live Loud or DieMornin Ladies and Gents!  It is bright and early on a saturday morning, and I am awake well before I need to be, as usual.  I often spend these quiet hours on the computer, either making mixes, gaming, or just plain surfing the web.  This morning I booted up with one intention in mind, to try (again) to pick a song for my first song of the week.

I had planned to try and sneak in before Paul’s SOTW (that’s Song Of The Week…but all good blogs acronymize…and make up words…).  My devious plan was to make MY first selection be Where the Devil Don’t Stay by the Drive By Truckers since I knew that it would be his pick, and because it is an awesome song.  We’re friends, and friends eff with each other.

More after the jump:

Unfortunately he managed to get his post up before I could get one together; a couple mornings rushing to get to work plus evenings spent assisting family move and my scheme was failed.  So now here I am, trying to pick a legit first song, and it is not easy.  My first pick should be momentous, a song that will blow your brain out your nose and add 5o horsepower to your car when you play it.  In this way I ran into the same trap I often encounter when putting together a mix; trying too damn hard.  Some of my best mixes have been pulled out of my itune’s butt last minute, and often the ones I spend days piecing together just don’t seem to click.  So without further ado, my song of the week is:

tom pettyTom Petty – Runnin Down a Dream

This song is just a quintessential driving song.  Fast tempo, driving guitar riffs, and lyrics ALL ABOUT CRUISING.  I mean, Petty basically wrote a song that encapsulates Paul and my love for the Road…and we wouldn’t start our blog until 20 years later!  Genius.

This song is all about getting on the road and reveling in it.  The freedom to go whereever, the physical sensations of the wind rushing by and the sun beating down, and of course the joy of the act of driving (not that I condone putting the pedal to the floor, that would be irresponsible unless on a track!)

Of course, you can also take the whole thing as an allegory for the road of life.  But again, it is early on a saturday morning, and I’ll leave such musings to others who enjoy that sort of thing.

Until next time enjoy this 80’stastic music video, and Run Down that Dream!

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  1. Paul permalink*
    October 24, 2009 11:45 am

    You just ruined my second SOTW. I am not sure how yet, but I will most certainly take you down.

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