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Paul’s Song of The Week

October 22, 2009

Every week we will each be picking out one song that is a must have on your driving mix.

Picking my first song of the week has been exceedingly difficult.  There are lots of basic songs that should, at least, be considered for every driving mix.  That said, those are fairly obvious.  This week’s pick is one that anyone that knows me won’t be the least bit surprised about.  That said, it may be a bit off the beaten track for the rest of you.

So what is my first song of the week?

This week’s pick is Where the Devil Don’t Stay by The Drive By Truckers.

A pure southern rock song at its heart, the strong guitar riffs, excellent beat, and catchy lyrics are exactly what a driving song should be.  Perfect for cutting through traffic or throwing on the cruise control and rolling down the highway, it pulls double duty as a pump up and kick back and relax song.

Over the past few years this song has been on almost every mix I have made and I don’t plan to stop putting it on any time soon.  I would imagine we will come back to The Drive By Truckers in this space fairly frequently, and out of every possible song I could think of, this is THE must have.

UPDATE:  Here is a version of the song on youtube:

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