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Driving Essentials – 10/20/09

October 20, 2009

Driving Essentials is a semi-regular section where we profile a piece of gear we are interested in or have used with success.  We don’t get anything in return from anyone so this is 100% purely our opinion without any outside influence.  If you have stuff you like, make sure to tell us about it!

If you are anything like us you have two problems:
1) Finding a shoe that fits well and is comfortable
2) Wearing out the heel of a shoe prematurely from driving.

Luckily there are solutions out there, some of which are more affordable than you may think.

First thing you need to do is evaluate your needs.  That racing shoe?  Unless you are out tracking it you can go put that down.  Though they are often excellent, they also have some added cost due to their construction with fire retardant materials (Nomex).  What you need is a driving shoe.  Just as effective and comfortable, but at a much better price point, a driving shoe will serve you well in and out of the car.

For about a year I have been wearing the Piloti Prototipo and could not be happier.  First, not only have they lasted this long but they are an excellent shoe in general.  The heel is rolled to allow for easy foot movement, seams are strong and the sole is appropriately sticky.  Some have complained that the soles are thick and deaden pedal feel, I could not disagree more.  Though they are extremely comfortable for daily wear the soles are perfect for pedal feel in both spirited driving and daily driving.

Negatives: First, there is a patch on the right shoe that appears to be intended to assist with heel toe shifting, great idea, but I don’t see it actually being useful.  Second issue is the style.  Though I love them, my fiance and friends do not… not even a little.  I get it, they are BLUE (caps intended) but they are highly functional.

Price: Highly Variable.  They can be had online at excellent prices (if you are buying online, buy your exact size or a half size up, they are snug, but in a good way) .  A wise SPORTSMAN would use a GUIDE to find them cheap.

Driving Essential?  You can always go with a different shoe or standard running sneaker, but in my mind, Piloti Shoes are absolutely a Driving Essential.

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