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Pennsylvania Turnpike Review Part 2 of 6 – Assault on the Capital

October 15, 2009

As you leave Morgantown and begin your ascent into the Appalachians your drive begins to get a bit more interesting.  Much of this section of the roadway has been unimproved (other than routine maintenance) since it was built.  Though this was one of the later sections constructed you will still some of the original ideas of the turnpike.  Though there are minimal (yet interesting) curves there are still two S curves of particular note.  These stretches of tarmac are well designed and banked (they lack some of their banking when traveling East Bound) allowing for some enjoyable driving.  Even with these curves, there are a number of long length and high visibility straight-aways.  Be careful under bridges – they are tight and you never know what is on the other side.  As you pass the Harrisburg interchange note the Turnpike Administration Building on the north side of the road and prepare to cap this assault with a sprint across the longest bridge of the run.

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4


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