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How long does it take to get across Pennsylvania and back?

October 11, 2009

About 6 minutes and 35 seconds… or so the below video would have you believe.

The trip was an amazing one.  Though we fought the weather for the first few hundred miles, once the blue skies opened up and the roads dried, it was nearly perfect.

What is now the PA Turnpike was originally conceived, by William Vanderbilt, as a rail route from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately (for him) the project quickly ran out of money and faced immense technological challenges.  The project was abandoned.  Fortunately for the State of Pennsylvania, the remnants of the project were thousands of trees cleared and a number of tunnels already partially constructed.  These remnants were used to fast track the development of the roadway.

Originally running from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg (which is still the most interesting and most beautiful section) the road was conceived as America’s Autobahn for some time, the highway operated without a speed limit.  The construction of the older sections with its long banking turns clearly demonstrates this tought in action.

Much more including photos and HD videos will be posted over the next few days.

The following link has one of the best written histories of the turnpike that is available on the net:


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